Anna-Eva Lohe

Excellent evaluations for Next Stop You Leadership Program!

We are proud to note that Next Stop You Leadership Program received excellent evaluations. Overall the program got rated at 9,2 (out of 10), intents were achieved to 80% with the help of the program, and it be recommended to others at 9,5. The words most oftenly used were “Useful, Developing, Fun, Challenging, New Leadership”. Thank you all who contributed to the input, and for creative ideas for further development. Our conclusion is that the program holds a very high standard and has a high integrity to what it promises: strengthening the leadership of complex, innovative change processes and developing the personal leadership. 

Next Stop You Leadership Program has been developed from the former Process Coaches Program, that we have been leading since 12 years. We are excited to take this new step – a new program with the best from the old, and new powerful content in the forefront of the leadership and change field.

The next program starts 27-28 August and we welcome all who might be interested.