Marie Kaufmann

Leadership as an Act of Passion!

Really amazing days! The group that gathered for the two-day workshop “Leadership as an Act of Passion” was fantastic. Very diverse,  very mature. Leaders from the fields of marketing, music, insurances, public health and health, psycho therapy, students, entrepreneurs and art, among others.

We explored what it means to lead from your passion. What is really important for you as a leader, the values that makes your heart tick and how you can speak and act from that place. When people shared their personal passion stories, the room was vibrating! Stories about fighting for justice, bringing people together for cross-pollination, passion for healing, for being a great parent, for moving great ideas into action and so on.

What came out from the days was really great conversations. Passion of course, and many strong processes were initiated for all of us. And really unexpected things happened during the days. It blows my mind what we can create together if we just give our listening and have the courage to open up really great questions. 

I think the workshop Leadership as an Act of Passion has come to stay.

Thank you guys!