About Next Stop You

Despite the often narrow, sometimes even grim realities people come to experience in their lives within organizations we want to help make your work:

  • A place where you can participate to your optimum.
  • More fun, creative and meaningful.
  • A place where success and fulfillment are both important.
  • Something you love and can make a difference in.
  • A place where you can engage in conversations and actions that matter, including starting new initiatives.
  • Why should the many hours spent at work not be a source of inspiration? Is your work life creative and meaningful?
  • If so, how often? Rarely, from time to time, a lot? Do you feel recognized and seen? Do you acknowledge your colleagues?


These questions mean a lot to us at Next Stop You. We are passionately interested in people and what activates their leadership and participation. We are also passionate about using methods that make a real contribution to our clients and participants. As part of a bigger network of practitioners and researchers, we keep educating and challenging ourselves also.


Marie Kaufmann


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