How we work

We work for answers and great questions to emerge

We are not the usual consultants with ready‐made answers.
In our experience solutions emerge when committed people are working together on a real challenge. Working in a way where everybody has a voice and is allowed to use it. We work adaptively.

It means that we work very closely with the people involved.
We refine the focus, methods and solutions along the way. In this way the real, often underlying challenges get addressed, and powerful learning and actions unfold.

“The power of a question lies not so much in the answer but in the state of conciousness that it opens up. By asking a question, you let go of thinking that you know the answer. So many problems in relating to each other come from getting stuck in our programs, thinking we know the way it is. If you can sincerely ask a question, you open up space in which a new solution can emerge.”

Gay Hendricks

Active leaders, active participants

Active and inspiring leadership and participation are the keys to successful change. The keys to unlock the potential and intelligence of any organization and person. Whatever your change process is, it is people with their passion and understanding who move ideas into real and sustainable actions and manifest the new.

We support you to create an environment where active leadership and participation can develop and grow.

“It is easier to act yourself into a new way of thinking, than to think yourself into a new way of acting”

Richard Pascale

YOU are essential

We don’t believe that change happens on some abstract level somewhere else. Change has to do with YOU, and each person who is involved in the task. We work to include everyone.

We are a committed partner

For us partnership means that we involve ourselves fully. We challenge traditional ways of thinking. We care about the people we work with. Our attitude is that we are a long‐term partner, no matter if we work together for a day, or share years of engagement.

Åsa Jern, deltagare


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