Webilogue 16 June: What can we learn from the Corona-crisis?

Welcome to a “webilogue” hosted by Next Stop You. The Corona crisis has had an impact on all of us. Sweden and Germany has been hit differently and has taken different routes to manage the situation. In any case the experiences and insights we had may be similar.

Next Stop You has seen the approach called Adaptive Leadership as an important tool to meet complex challenges – long before the Corona crisis. One key element here is to distinguish whether we are dealing with a technical or/and an adaptive challenge. In this approach, communication, exchange of ideas and knowledge, allowing different perspectives, acting into the unknown and the reflexion on power dynamics play important parts. It is this approach to leadership related to the crisis we want to reflect upon with people in Sweden and Germany.

The intent with the webilogue is to give interested people a platform to reflect on changes and experiences from the last Corona-months.

Focus of the meeting
The main questions we are going to work with are:

  • What have you learnt from the crisis?
  • How has the pandemic touched you? What has touched you the most?
  • In the light of the last months – what does ‘personal leadership’ mean to you?

How will we work in the webilogue?
We will invite you to develop perspectives together with us which will help us all to be more creative and powerful in our lives. We call this “personal leadership”.

Who are you?
You are probably from Germany or Sweden and maybe an entrepreneur, a leader, a manager or someone interested in change. Maybe you took part in one of our programs – or maybe not.

Peter Spang and Ulf Bley, Next Stop You

Date and time: 16 June at 15.00-17.00, via Zoom. A link will be provided.

Registration: Please register latest by 12 June by sending an e-mail to info@nextstopyou.se. Include your name and a few sentences about what attracted you to this event.

Participation is free. You are expected to take part in conversations.

Who are we? We are Swedish and German experts in the field of change and leadership.


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