Open Space Facilitation training

For innovative solutions, large engagement and personal responsibility

Open Space is a method that gives people the possibility to approach challenges and problems from their own perspective. It is a method which, through its open format and clear structure, brings people closer, manifests new relations, strategic solutions, networks and action plans.

Vocies about the Open Space facilitation training

“An intirely new way of leading myslef and others. So many new approaches. It has changed my way of viewing leadership”

“We have gone through everything so thoroughly that I feel confident with myself”

“It has been inspiring to learn a method that can be used in so many different situations, and make people feel included”

About the training

The Open Space-leader training is based on Harrison Owen’s method. It gives you the tools and the skills that you need in order to work with Open Space. It also gives you a deeper understanding of your role as a facilitator to release creativity, engagemang and sense of responsibility in a group. Your personal leadership is part of the training.

The training is 3,4 days. A 2,5-day workshop to start with and later a one-day follow-up day some months later. At the first occasion you will experience and learn the foundation of Open Space. During the next months wou will lead your own Open Space workshop at home. When we meet again we will deepen the learning and the understaning of the role as an Open Space facilitator.


Course information Open Space facilitation training

Contact persons

Anna-Eva Lohe
0708 – 27 67 53


Marie Kaufmann
0706 – 57 46 77

Postal address

Next Stop You
Anna-Eva Lohe
Väpnarstigen 7
181 65 Lidingö



Course fee

12 500 SEK excl. VAT.


Course participants limited to 20. Your application is binding.

Course fee includes

Course fee includes tuition, documentation, lunches, coffee/tea, and coaching during the practice period. The course fee is invoiced in connection to your registration.