Next Stop You Facilitation training – method, design and leadership

Facilitation of change is an art. As a facilitator you lead the group with a clear intention and a plan. At the same time, you must be flexible and adapt the plan based on the response and development of the group. The more you can practise this art form, the more excellent your facilitation will be.

Next Stop You Facilitation training offers the possibility to train and develop your skills as a facilitator. You will learn a clear and definite method, The High 5-method, which is also flexible and possible to adjust to every unique situation. You will learn the very craftsmanship to design processes. The method includes both a strong focus on how to lead and activate the human dimension of change and on how to concretely reach the desired goals.

Within the program, you will have the chance to develop your own leadership; your own presence as a leader, your confidence in your abilities to lead, and clarity over what you are doing as a facilitator. You will also deepen your understanding of what actually is a process of change and its inherent nature.

In this way, you will be learning much more than a method. You will strengthen your own skills to be able to design and lead any workshop or meeting based on the unique needs and demands of the situation at hand.


  • To learn a method of facilitation of workshops for small and large groups – The High 5-method
  • To learn the art of designing custom made workshops, which strongly include the human or social dimension of the process you are working with
  • To develop and deepen each participant’s leadership abilities
  • To raise awareness about how to activate leadership and participation

The program

The training will happen over a period of four days in two separate meetings. The first meeting will be a thorough teaching of the method itself through theory and experiential learning methods. We will deepen our understanding of the human dimension of change processes.

The second meeting will be based on the sharing and discussion of participant’s learning experience they received through doing the assigned practical application at work from the first meeting. We go further into the conversation of participants’ own leadership skills.

The course program as pdf

Next Stop You_Processledarutbildning_mars_2020

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Course infomation Next Stop You Facilitaiton training

Contact person

Marie Kaufmann
+46 (0)70 657 4677

Dates and times

Module 1: 26—27 May
Module 2: 22—23



Course fee

19 500 SEK excluding VAT. Included in the price are 4 days of training, personal coaching in between the two modules,  lunch, morning and afternoon coffee.

If more than one person joins from the same organization, there will be a 15% discount for every added participant.