Next Stop You Facilitation Training in Germany

Facilitation of change is an art. As a facilitator you lead the group with a clear intention and a plan. At the same time you must be flexible and adapt the plan based on the response and development of the group.

If you work with people through the form of meetings and workshops, this training is for you.


IDEA (Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance) promotes ownership and learning in democracy assistance.

Next Stop You facilitated an Open Space process for two days with policy makers, evaluators, consultants, and donors identified the challenges of and opportunities for applying results management to the work of democracy assistance providers.



Supporting school leaders and school politicians

The model for process oriented school development focuses on sustainable leadership, a positive development culture and involvement. This is done through school culture analysis and dialogue, which develops school empowerment. To empower the development work in order to make the school better, we say “Keep going, Stay with it and Keep away”. Through guiding and supporting leaders at all levels in classrooms, staff rooms and administrations, we create long-term sustainable development. The only thing that works in order to achieve real change, is genuine participation.


KSL is developing a new facilitation culture

Over a period of six months Next Stop You has trained 25 facilitators at the Stockholm County Association of Local Authorities (KSL). The training in facilitaiton is a step in KSL’s aim to meet new demands from politicians and members


The collaboration with Shared Value Solution is expanding – a new facilitation program in March

The method Positive Deviance is a process with the intent to identify the method, tools and way of being that already is in place but not yet identified as important keys for success. The method is used to solve complex societal or organizational problems. In one way you could say that it is an answer to us who are seekers of action that really make a difference. March 11 – 2, Next Stop You will offer a leadership training in the Positive Deviance Approach in Guelph, Canada together with Lars Thuesen from WIN – Welfare Improvement Network.

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