The collaboration with Shared Value Solution is expanding – a new facilitation program in March

The method Positive Deviance is a process with the intent to identify the method, tools and way of being that already is in place but not yet identified as important keys for success. The method is used to solve complex societal or organizational problems. In one way you could say that it is an answer to us who are seekers of action that really make a difference. March 11 – 2, Next Stop You will offer a leadership training in the Positive Deviance Approach in Guelph, Canada together with Lars Thuesen from WIN – Welfare Improvement Network.


Leading the socials dimension  of a merger process

Next Stop You is involved in a merger process in a Stockholm based organistaion. One large part of the organisation is merging with smaller departments and Next Stop You is supporting the management team to lead the process over the next year.


New Open Space Facilitation collaboration in Canada

In cooperation with Shared Value Solution in Canada, Next Stop You is offering an Open Space Facilitator Training in the city of Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

The workshop is for anyone who wishes to create active involvement and personal responsibility from the people who are attending their meetings.


Leadership and strategy in Serbia

Serbia is in the process to become members in EU and the municipalities and towns are facing major challenges in order to meet the requirements from EU. Next Stop You are supporting  the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities in Belgrade. The aim is to support them to strengthen their strategic leadership, so that they can be of great support for their members in the next coming years.


Think-tank on a sustainable building trade

Since some years, initiatives are being taken in many Swedish regions to create leading markets for low-energy buildings. The intent is through broad dialogues within the trade, bridge hindrances and to develop long-term profitable buildings with good quality. According to Swedish and EU goals, adjustments need to happen within a few years only. Time pressure is high.

Next Stop You is leading a workshop with representatives from the building trade with the aim to strengthen the cooperation in the Örebro region. ”How can we cooperate in order to reach the climate goals?” The Örebro Regional Development Council is in charge of the imitative.

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