Leadership coaching

Coaching for entrepreneurs, leaders and managers who need to develop new insights and knowledge in order to deliver on vital projects and initiatives.

A space where leaders can reflect, learn and recharge. A place where your next level of development can be initiated and followed up. A timeout where business, personal and future challenges are addressed.

“I experienced that I was quickly understood by my coach. I was supported to step outside my normal way of thinking. That helped me to see how I can challenge myself and others in a positive direction”

Thekla Larsson,
manager Helsingborg city

Themes often explored include:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Difference between technical and adaptive work
  • Power dynamics
  • Political dimensions
  • Times of work avoidance – when we avoid doing the real work
  • Grey zone between work life and private life
  • Time and lack of time
  • Body, health and compensational behavior
  • Attitude of service


“I started seeing Peter as a personal coach. We had an instant bond. My first impression of him was that he is a very big man. I later learned that his body is large because it has to house his tremendous mind and his ever-open and compassionate heart. We formed an instant bond. I opened up to him in a matter of minutes.”

Assaf Bernstein
Movie director, Israel

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