Regional development

We are passionate about supporting regions in their development. We believe in bringing different stakeholders together so they can share their wisdom and diverse interests for the benefit of the region. It takes a crucial mass of key actors in a region to make it happen! The art is to get people to talk and lead together.

Next Stop You act as strategic partners in

  • the design and leadership of regional change processes
  • facilitating workshops
  • individual coaching for key personnel

One of the main challenges we notice is to reach a broad and active regional ownership of the new, meaning a high level of responsibility shared by many.

Next Stop You has extensive experience in supporting regional development processes. We understand how to form new regional strategies and visions, and how to involve and activate key people who often represent diverse interests. The end result will be of a higher quality when many perspectives have been allowed to be fully represented.

An important aspect of our approach is that we also work on the individual leadership challenges, that the participants are facing in leading and implementing the new. By including their individual challenges the conversations become more alive and the level of responsibility higher.

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