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Webinarium: Leadership and Presence

Datum: 16 juni kl. 08.30-09.45
Plats: Zoom

As a leader you are in the domain of creation, distinct to a manager, who is by definition more concerned with the outcome, with the performance, with optimising. Yet, even a manager needs to sometimes shift to leading and motivating, and therefore to the domain of creation.

Creation is closely connected to that, which is not yet. But which is ready to happen, is ready to drop like an apple when its ripe.

Often a leader – and by that I mean a person who dares to go first, who dares to show up, who has humanistic and inclusive values – has an awareness and ability to language that which is somehow missing right now, but on the verge of dropping like the apple.

To sharpen this awareness one needs to be willing to go out and in, often at the same time.

In Tennis, the sport where I discovered much for my life and work, I wrote a book which talked about aspects which are not just for Tennis: fear – the killer on the court; playing ”point by point” as the master key; the need for rituals.

  • How can you develop your already existing presence further?
  • What has that to do with your ability to lead yourself and others?
  • Which fears and obstacles come up when you lead?
  • What general and individual ways are there to grow my leadership and presence?

The webinar will be held in English and hosted by Peter Spang and Anna-Eva Lohe from Next Stop You. You are most welcome!

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