Workshop om coaching

Hur kan du som ledare, konsult, chef, processledare skapa starkare och förtroendefulla relationer genom att vässa din förmåga att ställa frågor?

”Originally coaching was meant to improve perforamance, learning and enjoyment, and to help the coachee to come closer to their innate potential. For leaders, consultants, managers coaching can become very tricky; the need to shift from having the answer to having the question can be irritating at first.

The art of using questions and being aware and present at the same time can be improved through understanding and practicing. The creation of a coaching relationship needs to be understood and practiced.

Welcome to to an enjoyable and rich one-day workshop about the essence of coaching.”


Information om Workshop om Coaching


Anna-Eva Lohe
0708 – 27 67 53



22 maj


Stockholm, Solliden


3 500 SEK ex. moms


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