Marie Kaufmann

Några ord om Coaching

För Peter Spang har hela yrkeskarriären kretsat kring coaching, från tennisproffs till coachproffs både för individer och grupper.

”Good and talented people want to be coached not managed. I was told by a professor that the term manager has a connection to the shepherd, whose job it is to keep the sheep in order. The more intelligent people are, the less they want to be managed in the old style, being told what to do.

They want to be led through conversations on eye-level, with empathy and a space to think for themselves. Conversations, through which they can move their own agenda forward and through which they can unlock their inate potential.

Those conversations have many elements of a professional Coaching Conversation. Goal setting, Reality Check, Possibility Generation and clarity about the Way Forward. And all of that within a good and trustful human relationship. A coaching relationship.”

Peter Spang är en av ägarna och seniorkonsult vid Next Stop You. Peters sätt att coacha fokuserar på kvaliteter som närvaro, medvetenhet, ansvarstagande, perspektivskiften, personlig utveckling genom verkliga utmaningar, passion och flow.



Peter är författare till boken Zennis. Vill du veta mer om hans coaching-approach – eller bli en bättre tennisspelare kan du köpa den här: