Processledare, coach

Peter Spang keeps being inspired by those who keep on reinventing their organisations for the benefit of all: their people, clients and the world at large.

He is a pro in designing and leading change processes, developing project teams and coaching leaders.

Peter started his work in 1987, which makes him one of the pioneers in transformational Coaching. He is working in Sweden since 1994, reaching hundreds of people in leadership positions. He co-developed ChallengeX and is the author the book ”Zennis”.

His work revolves around purpose and strategy of an organisation, but also around the quality people experience in their worklife: do they have a voice, can they fully participate, are the powerdynamics more enabling or constraining, is their worktime contributing to their development as a human being or just paying the bills?

Peter knows that motivation is mostly intrinsic in us and that the main job of leaders is not to get in the way but rather provide reflecting spaces for their people, to enable a more soulful and joyful way of working. The payback are better results and a resilient and alive staff.

Visiting the indigenous people of the Achuar in the Amazon Rainforest recently, Peter got strenghtened in his conviction of our interconnectedness on planet earth. This insight also forms a profound principle in his approach to life and work.


Tel: +49 (0)178 637 1623